About liqDB

liqDB is browsable and interactive database for small RNA-seq profiles in bio-fluids. All included data was retrieved from publicly available SRA repository studies. All profiles were generated using sRNAbench.

The database can be browsed at a SRA study level or users can analyse customized sample sets and compare them to their own data. Full and customized microRNA expression matrices can be downloaded. MicroRNAs can be analysed individually as a function of several variables like RNA extraction, phenotype, sex, library preparation or biofluid providing both, the microRNAs with highest and lowest fluctuation. MicroRNAs with low fluctuation can be valuable molecules for qPCR controls.

LiqDB is a Computational Epigenomics Group project. To learn more on it please read our publication:

liqDB: a small-RNAseq knowledge discovery database for liquid biopsy studies. Aparicio-Puerta,E., Jáspez,D., Lebrón,R., Koppers-Lalic,D., Marchal,J.A. and Hackenberg,M. (2018) Nucleic Acids Res.